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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  May 4, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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points. >>i think the hypocrisy is so blatant. >>and above all... and there's only once place you'll find us. >>weeknights on current tv. ♪ [ theme music ] ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> that's a friday show. opens with me saying jim, do i have any special sauce on my lips. it's the "stephanie miller show." happy friday, everybody.
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woo! woo! >> word. >> yeah it's friday so i have -- it's like leftovers, then i had to because i ran out of pasta, with the turkey meat ball there's candy and dog hair -- [ applause ] >> it's friday, um. and we would like to review -- because a lot of people go gee how do you spent your morning preparing for this fast-paced news oriented live show on radio and television. we spend it getting relentless phone calls from the guy who owns the show. it's like the guy trying to block a flight from several
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months from now. we have been doing this -- how long now? eight years? >> yeah, 2004. >> yeah. yeah. and so he doesn't seem to understand that it is a new-based live program that starts at a certain time, but he -- he isuncanny in that he always calls me whether i'm in the hotel room, or on the road. >> i think he assumes we're on the train -- >> yeah because we're lousy with trains and public transportation here. >> so i'm scrambling to pack my leftover tub of -- >> goo. >> goo. and we'll call the cell. cell phone, home phone, cell phone, home phone. >> was running around the house trying to find the bag that i took to the gym, and i couldn't
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fine it, and meanwhile the phone was ringing. >> yeah. about convention coverage. what is that september, august? >> yeah, because we get to go to florida in august -- >> tampa in august. and tweeted that it has been a mild winter there in florida so the bugs will be as big as kittens. >> yeah and it will be lousy with republicans. >> hevelly armed. >> i'm like yeah, the show starts at a spesive -- specific
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time. you see these hats order these on sexy liberal. we are really a tag tag depreciation. >> yeah with his onesecretary. please order now won't you. [ applause ] [ bell chimes ] >> and he can see what it is like to get a lot of phone calls in a row when you are busy doing something else. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry. pardon me. okay. speaking of sexy liberal, kids, oh they are cool new t-shirts too. >> they do? >> yeah, cool new chick t-shirts as well. >> i'm the only one on this staff that has worn a sexy liberal t-shirt on camera. >> because you were stupid enough to buy it. >> i knew you weren't going to
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give me one. >> iesha tyler rejoins the tour -- [ screaming ] >> progressive patriots of boston believe your roots behind and join stephanie miller and her sexy liberal players who are coming back for a second helping of bean town. [ flatulence sound effect ] >> on june 9th, 2012 the stephanie miller sexy liberal comedy tour returns to boston. ♪ >> tickets are available online at by calling ticketmaster, or by going to the rover theater box office at 246
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treemonth street in historic boston. it is sure to be both wicked and awesome. >> wicked hot >> awesome! >> yay. [ applause ] >> hal sparks will be in germany, so he will rejoin the tour in july. >> that's right. >> today the big show blake butler, very important marriage equality vote coming up in north carolina on tuesday. and the polls show even though it is ahead, it is because there is massive misinformation and we know about that from out here in california, so very, very important to talk about that. ari berman with another terrifying article. [ mysterious music ] >> how about this scary music? [ dramatic music ] >> that's better. mitt romney is surrounded by all of the bush people that still
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think iraq was a good thing. >> yeah, we need to get back in there and start stirring things up. >> yeah, we need to smack that hornet's nest again. let's stick our hand back in there. and then sexy liberal john fugelsang in hour number three joins live from the new york studio -- >> excuse me he is in phoenix to do his one-man show. >> that's right. >> here is someone that did have a worse morning than we did. i saved this after dealing with -- [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> dealing with old man hartenbalm. >> he really did not appreciate that you called him that. >> i know he called me out on that this morning. >> agency keeper helps monkey
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pass peanut by licking his butt for an hour. >> oh! [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> can't you train another monkey to do that? >> baby monkey, baby monkey monkeymonkey -- >> this is just wrong. after a young leaf monkey in his care consumed a peanut a zoo employ noticed the animal had become dangerously constipated. the peanut had to be extracted manually. >> don't throw peanuts at little monkeys. apparently that meant licking it out. >> the person who threw it would have required to lick the monkey's butt. >> why lick it?
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>> you can't get a peanut out of a francois monkey's butt with tweezers. the monkey was too small for laxative so he had no choice but to extract the with a tongue. after washing his bottom with warm water, because not doing so would be disgusting -- [ laughter ] >> he spent an hour polishing the monkey's booper for an hour before the peanut popped out. [ applause ] >> most of my mail yesterday was people mocking me for my
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mispronunciation. >> the san diego jew. >> kevin in chicago writes. steph and the mooks, i absolutely love the san diego jew. all right. shut up kevin. [ applause ] >> you try talking for three hours this drunk. >> i'm looking at a francis leaf monkey they are very cute. >> oh. >> ♪ baby monkey ♪ >> oh ick. good morning, will. >> you now you are in trouble when you wake up with your monkey sticking peanuts in our butt. i love the story about you and your fish exploits. >> you stinking up the floor with your fish. anyway. the newt gingrich -- >> what have you heard. >> all right.
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go ahead. >> too much coffee. >> anyhow, yeah. newt gingrich is dropping out of the race but he is going to stay a citizen. yeah, on the moon. >> right. exactly. i think that may be successful i don't think he will have much competition for president of the moon. will in mississippi. >> i would like to thank you all for saving me from morning joe. >> yes, it's my patriotic duty. >> why have americans not learned that trickle-down economics don't work and never worked, and why they are still looking at mitt romney as though he is going to be the one that makes it work. >> yeah literally whether it's foreign policy in the bush administration, or his tax cuts for the rich, this literally is the bush administration only
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worse. it is literally more tax cuts for the top 1% and more pre-emptive wars. you have got to read aris piece it's really terrifying. it is mortarfying than licking a peanut out of a monkey's butt. >> how would you know. >> listen it's just -- 18 hours after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: call stephanie right now. she is easy. 1-800-steph-1-2 >> we're still up on the -- >> oh, no. >> yes. >> would you like to eat a noodle? >> no. that's like lady and the tramp. >> it would be cute.
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>> and then you push a meatball over with your nose. [ laughter ] [ recorded show playing in the background ] we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent.
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>> i'm going to talk like an announcer. >> and we're back up. >> we are? >> yep. >> i'm printing. >> why? you don't need to. >> i'm a girl. ♪ [ humming ] >> announcer: stephanie miller -- ♪ let's spend the night together ♪ >> let's spend some time together. >> no no. >> it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it. 23 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. mark in durham north carolina. hi, mark. >> good morning.
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>> hello. >> calling from north carolina with suggestion on how to deal with the confusion about the for versus against on the marriage amendment. >> okay. >> put obama bumper stickers in the lower-right-hand corner of the sign so it is clear who's side you are on. >> so we want to vote against. >> vote yes or no. >> no! attention north carolina vote against amendment one. thank you. [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> thank you. all right. let's go to vince in norfolk, virginia. >> hey steph. president obama is straight out of central casting. whenever you see like a black president in a movie, or a black police chief they are always
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calm, cool wise. you know this guy is everything we have ever written -- >> yeah i love the specials on the bin laden raid. i don't know if you saw the interview -- >> yeah i did. calm, cool even when he was asked the question about were you elated upon his death. he took time to answer it. he said i wouldn't say it was a high five -- this guy is like writing the script inside of his head. >> yeah if only we had that hot head john mccain. ♪ bomb, bomb bomb bomb, bomb iran ♪ >> i don't think samuel l jackson has ever played the
3:21 pm
president. >> yeah. don in ohio you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, don. >> hi. >> hi. >> i have a little bit of thing here with john kasick up here our great govern. st dasty heame out o a aaid it witasou wldeeprpreseson for him to lobby to bring the steel mill to ohio. >> yeah >> is it not the governor's job to bring jobs to you. >> yes, economic development -- >> not if president obama gets credit. >> didn't we have a governor who was an idiot. >> yeah. >> chris you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> hi guys. you guys keep me in stitches every morning, and you guys can dance -- >> thank you. jim doesn't try, he is too cool. >> yeah. but you can dance anyway --
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>> we can dance if we want to -- >> mad at the president because he has taken national security and what they call their thing -- >> yeah, that's their bicky. >> yeah. >> he is the democratic hawk -- >> he is so much better at it than bush was. >> yeah. >> by far. it was watching a show on another network, and i watched it, and i got choked up because this man knows what he is doing. >> it's like that scene in that movie -- >> deep impact. >> wait until i say something. that indiana jones scene where the guy goes -- that was obama. george bush is like look at me.
3:23 pm
>> yeah. >> swagger, swagger, dead or alive, smoke 'em out. and obama is like i got this. >> i thought you were talk like that he was like leonny on the beach hugging her dad when the big huge wave came -- >> that has nothing to do woe anything. [ laughter ] >> i think this marks the first time i got a movie reference right. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> corey go ahead. >> i want to talk about the amend inspect north carolina is it unconstitutional because it violated the first amendment of the united states constitution. since marriage is -- >> i don't think that's a part of the language of the amendment. >> you don't think so? >> no. >> but i think -- we'll talk to blake about this in just a minute but part of the problem
3:24 pm
that they were so sloppy with the language, that it doesn't just hurt gay couples. you'll see it. it takes away protection for domestic violence. it has been -- i think gaining support -- gay marriage is already illegal in north carolina. this is something -- >> now it's illegaler. >> yeah with extra illegal berries. we'll talk about that next with blake butler, on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >>now let's get some real news. (vo) first, news and analysis with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >>you couldn't say it any more powerfully than that.
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>> current tv, on the roll. (vo)followed by humor and politics with a west coast edge. >>ah, thank you. >>it really is incredible. (vo)bill press and stephanie miller, current's morning news block. weekdays six to noon. a great tasting mint core, frosted in powerful cooling crystals. ice breakers frost. feel the frost.
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and we don't stick to party lines. >>people who buy politicians got to cover their bets. >>we are the investigators fiercely independent, and we don't hold back. >>we're here because we're independent and that's what we
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love. >>...and we don't do talking points. >>i think the hypocrisy is so blatant. >>and above all... and there's only once place you'll find us. >>weeknights on current tv. >> announcer: stephanie miller -- >> i could melt the butter you kept in your pocket for lunch. lunch butter we call it. >> it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2. it is pants-free friday at current. >> absolutely. >> they are coming to party at
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my place this weekend. >> that's why they shoot jacki above the waist. >> did you see that email about our ratings? [ applause ] >> yeah. tuesday very important day in north carolina. we asked blake butler with 880 the revolution ♪ you want a revolution, well hello ♪ >> good morning, blake. >> good morning, stephanie. thanks so much for letting me join you this morning. >> thanks for coming on. let's talk about this. i have such empathy being out here in california a lot of happened with prop 8. talk about what is happening in north carolina. >> even though it is may 2012
3:30 pm
unfortunately it is all about the old testament down here in north carolina. our early voting numbers are surging, and north carolinians are plugged in on this issue, but there's a lot of confusion, and the language is meant to be fusing. the pro side has rebranded it the marriage amendment. but same-sex marriage is already illegal in north carolina. and a lot of people don't know that. but all of these pro forces want more. they want it on our constitution, because we are the only southern state that does not have it on our constitution at this point. >> yeah, blake talk about -- obviously we have heard these polls are kind of scary, the last public polling survey showed they are recording the amendment by 14 points.
3:31 pm
somebody said those who know what the amendment would do are against it but they are outweighed by the uneducated on it. >> it's all about education from this point, stephanie when people are asked the question. they will say i'm for the amendment. but when you tell them this defines marriage and prohibits civil unions and domestic partnerships, then they pull back a little bit. and even reverend billy graham who we respect very much out here in north carolina, has gotten into the fight. he has penned a letter that is running in 14 north carolina newspapers this weekend, saying this is what god wants. he wants marriage to be defined between one man and one woman. do we want god in our government anymore? because like i said we're the
3:32 pm
only southern state that does not have this on our constitution, and it's really irritating. >> a lot of people talking about this reverend shawn harris who is from fayetteville who cold his congregation to punch their gay children. he said that's what jesus today. >> they do not want to talk about the new testament. i cannot find a person that can give a civil justification for this amendment. i bring up what about what jesus said? they don't want to talk about part two of that book only part one. and it's very frustrating, because i think christianity is a lot more than that. >> the "new york times" wrote a peace on this literally called
3:33 pm
bigotry on the ballot. this enshrines this obvious constitution. when you look at the later pew poll 47% are in favor of marriage equality 43% against. and yet this is really an important vote on tuesday in north carolina. >> it is. i believe the whole nation is watching. and alec is more than a talking point here in our state. they have the north carolina republican leadership our spoker of the house was voted man of the year by alec. wow. >> yeah. >> but it's all about education, and that's what we're trying to do here in the last three or four days and tell people the
3:34 pm
far-reaching consequences of this amendment is very destructive. and let me add one more thing, it's bad for business. there was a couple of companies here that wanted to make documentaries, and try to find a ceo that was for amendment one, and they cannot find one. because our largest employers already respect diversity. they know it is the right thing to do. >> this could harm all unmarried couples, and banning children's health care benefits this is really overreaching. >> here is that number on the heterosexual unmarried couples, 222,000 unmarried couples in this state, 88% are straight. this has nothing to do with same
3:35 pm
sex marriage. it is going to be so difficult to remove if it is on our constitution. >> one of the most vocal appoints is the president of the national chapter of the naacp. it basically talked about driving a wedge between gays and blacks, but this is a black pastor coming out against this amendment, correct? >> yes, in the african american community, it is my leaf they are split. many of the ministers pushing from the pulpit are referring to the old testament, and the belief that that's what god wants. so we have moved on to other
3:36 pm
members of the african american community, and we want to be absolutely sure that they understand that this is about discrimination and no one should be comfortable with discrimination in 2012 and i think that's the message to the african american community. but the churches are very influential. >> you bring up the point that big gotry is big got try. and one of the stories this jody who's husband is one of the sponsors of this amendment. her comments that the caucasian race would benefit to from the amendment -- >> huh? >> i know. it convinced at least two african american voters to oppose it. >> i know. i watched that video, and the last time you were down in
3:37 pm
ashville you saw the steph pool of sin -- >> yeah i wear it proudly. >> the other sponsor that voted to get this passed but the picture of them patting him on the back i told my listeners, it was like they cured cancer in the general assembly and now we have spent 5 to $6 million which we could have utilized in another program. so, yeah it's very frustrating. >> for those people that are watching and listening that don't know this story, this woman -- the wife of the guy that is one of the sponsors said the white race is diminishing i asked her why that alarmed her and she said white people founded this country, she made no mention of the fact that
3:38 pm
people are already here. the comments made within earshot an african american coworker. and they were going to talk to a whole lot of other people once they heard how many people would be harmed by this. and [ inaudible ] admits to using the word caucasian, but denies she was talking about race. >> and then she said heat stroke -- >> i'm sorry. was i being racist it's the humidity. >> bigotry is bigotry is bigotry. >> i agree. >> i would have all y'all's back on the trayvon martin and a lot of other issues you have to have my big gay back on other issues. >> i think they are trying to
3:39 pm
return us back to 1887 with this, and this is the kind of thinking we're seeing right now. it involves bigotry and discrimination and i think that's the talking point here, amendment one discriminates and people that have a problem with same-sex marriage you can vote against it and same-sex marriage is still illegal in north carolina. >> i don't want to offend anybody, by saying i think this may be more evidence that god was a liberal, but the fact that this racist woman who was overheard, and this pastor who was endorsing child abuse for gay children. what disturbed me is people saying amen to what he was saying. >> that's the reality of north carolina. they are going to have a
3:40 pm
different way of thinking. so that's the reality in our state. that video did not surprise me at all. it really didn't. because there are so many churches out there that follow the doctrine of the old testament. and that's as far as they go. i still think you can be a christian, and respect diversity. it's just a different way of thinking, and i think many people across the state agree with me. but we have lots of information on our website if your listeners want to go to 880 the so if you want to learn a little bit more folks you can use that. >> i usually travel undercover of night just between ashville and chapelville. [ laughter ] >> but my 89 year old mom in charlotte, i think like this isn't a partisan issue anymore. i think that's part of what
3:41 pm
we're learning more and more in polling. look at what happened in new york that was because of a lot of republican donors. and i know my mom would desperately me to stop being a single loser. >> yeah, it's really bad for everybody. >> blake tell us quickly if people in north carolina if you are not registered -- just talk about how -- because obviously turn out is going to be key. >> yeah, we have a couple of more days of early-one stop voting today, so you can check your respective county and we're seeing a surge right now in these early voting numbers, but a lot of independents are out there voting right now. our governor is an outgoing governor now, so there are a lot
3:42 pm
of heated races across the state including the amendment one referendum on the ballot. >> yeah. >> stephanie you brought up a really, really good point. the pro side says it's all about preservation of marriage but in reality what other people do it doesn't affect my marriage of your marriage. they should be free to have their own relationship and libertarians and leading conservatives are standing with us on this issue, because they know it is not in the spirit of the constitution the state constitution to put an amendment on the constitution that doesn't protect people but limits the rights of people and creates a second-class tier of citizens. that's morally wrong. >> i as you show am a single
3:43 pm
bitter child lose shut in but your marriage is good. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> thanks so much blake. give brian hal a big non-gay hug for me okay. >> i will. >> this is rely -- religious intolerance. >> coming up after this commercial i will be talking even louder! >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens very, very excited about that and very proud of that. >>beltway politics from inside
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the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning. >>liberal and proud of it. [ female announcer ] stains are annoying. get rid of them with clorox 2. its triple solve technology penetrates, dissolves
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eliot spitzer joins the new news network. >>we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious and not based on simplistic answers. >> hey, it's michael shure with
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"the young turks." we've got a fantastic show coming up for you in ten minutes. i'm joined by professor trish a shah, and "rolling stone." we'll going to be talking about the navy seals. is there a problem with the navy seals and president obama? we also had a new red square. republicans don't want you to talk about iraq or afghanistan so they're' going to talk about how the communists are back! the communists are back. does the president have a black problem within his own party? is there a little bit of racism that will hurt our president your president in november? and the new york posts will come in and say the most horrific things you've heard heard from a sports writer. right here on "the young turks" in ten short minutes. come back and watch us, please. ♪ ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪ ♪ and certain men... find a way to rise above. this is the land of giants.
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>> announcer: stephanie miller -- ♪ hoping i could learn a bit about how to give and take ♪ ♪ but since i came here found the joy of love here ♪ >> it is the -- my job. "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 53 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. this hour brought to you by solar world. solar world has been making solar panels right here in the u.s. since 1975. ari berman joining us at the top of the hour. chris in oakland, hi chris. >> hey, i was watching rock center last night. and something occurred to me when i watched -- and this was
3:51 pm
to add on to what vie was yiyi rlier. ab tt the dememnono o o the president and the thoughtfulness on his answers, and how everybody is reflecting on the thoughtfulness that went into the decision. it gave me one question i would like to ask to the limbaughs, and the tools on fox and the rest of the haters out there, with all of their attacks and distortions, when is the last time that those people had to make a call like that that had such huge benefits on the plus side, but equally huge consequences if it went wrong. you know? >> yep. yep. >> it's really easy to sit there and throw sense to at somebody -- >> yeah. >> but where do they get off. >> exactly. where did you get off? [ laughter ] >> let's go to jennifer in north carolina the amendment one
3:52 pm
debate. hi, jen. >> hi, how are you? >> good okay. >> i was at a forum the other night on amendment one. and a woman stood up the gays could have the same rights as a couple if they just go to a lawyer -- >> exactly. >> there's no equality there, as a straight couple my husband and i don't have to do all of that expense. >> that's right. that's right. >> and the other thing, if you are a christian, the new testament should take total precedence over anything the old testament says. >> thank you. the north carolina pastor who we have been playing who told his members to punch their gay sons and not just gay daughters but
3:53 pm
if they are not pretty you need to shake them until they are pretty. the north carolina pastor came under fire for telling his congregation to beat their male children, told the newspaper that he was simply being like jesus. he dedicated his sunday service to the promotion of the gay-bashing amendment one in north carolina. he said if i had to do it again, would i say it differently? yes, i would. >> i would say shoot him with your concealed weapon if he looks feminine. >> he said that's what jesus would have done.
3:54 pm
>> suffer the children that come unto me and i'll punch you in the face. >> he said jesus said if your eye hurts pluck it out. >> yeah. >> although he did scrub the transcript online. >> sure jesus was for scrubbing transcripts -- >> erase, erase. harris refuses to retract his main message. god creates you a male god creates you a female -- >> the baseball doesn't say anything about that -- >> and if you were created a douche you apparently have no choice in that matter either. [ applause ] >> that's right. >> ari berman terrifying article about inside romney's neo-con work cabinet. next on the "stephanie miller
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show." ♪ with jennifer granholm. >>i am jenniffer granholm and you are in the war room. it's a beautiful thing. >>jennifer granholm on current tv. >>i'm a political junkie. this show is my fix. >>in politics, she was a gutsy leader. in cable news, she's a game changer. >>be afraid, be very afraid. now, the two term governor from michigan is reshaping the debate with a unique perspective and a forward-thinking approach. >>our goal is to bring you behind the scenes with access to stories that you've never seen before. >>she's a trailblazer determined to find solutions. >>one of the key components of a war room is doing a bit of opposition research. >>driven to find the thruth. >>i'm obsessed with the role of govenment. >>fearless, idependent and above all, politically direct. >>part of the mission here in our own war room is to help these candidates stay on track.
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